Evidence-based advocacy for improving the human rights situation of GDP. This includes improving access to justice/legal support, activities to reduce societal and service-level stigma and discrimination, efforts to reduce gender-based violence (GBV), awareness raising about human rights among GDP improving mechanisms for community-based reporting and documentation of stigma, violence and human rights violations, as well as ensuring judicial and police follow-up.

Improving access to health care services, including SRH, HIV, mental health, non- communicable diseases (NCD), general health care.

Improve livelihoods by enhancing access to educational, training and other livelihood-advancing opportunities and to other social entitlements and support, and reduce stigma-related barriers to employment.

Ensuring long-term sustainability by empowering GDP so they can take care of their own needs, and by changing the modus operandi of health and other services in order to make them more self-reliant.

SRHR Booklet

Gender-based violence (GBV) Booklet