Bandhu in partnership with Denim Expert Limited for employment of Hijra Community

Bandhu Social Welfare Society (Bandhu) visions of a Bangladesh where every person, irrespective of their gender and sexuality, is able to lead a quality life with dignity, human rights and social justice. Denim Expert Ltd. believes passionately in equality for all in the workplace. Denim Expert Ltd. welcomes representatives of the Bandhu to their company with the objective of establishing the integration of transgender/hijra people into the workplace. To meet the visions, Denim organized a day long orientation with their employee on July 3rd 2018 where Bandhu facilitate the session. This session created an opportunity to discuss and interact with Bandhu team and the representatives of the transgender community.

The meeting jointly concluded by Mr. Shale Ahmed, Executive Director of Bandhu; Mr. Rafiqul Islam, Deputy Manager of Training and Counselling of Bandhu and Mr. Sukanta Chowdhury, HR and Compliance Manager of Denim Expert Ltd.  An MOU recently signed by both Denim Expert Ltd and Bandhu Social Welfare Society (Bandhu) and under such an agreement transgender person has already started working at Denim.