Press Release

UN High Officials visit at Bandhu Narayanganj Service Center

On 13th September 2022 a high-level UN visitors team visited Narayangonj Service Center hosted by UNAIDS Bangladesh office. The team headed by Ms. Gwyn Lewis the Resident Coordinator of United Nations Bangladesh and among others Mr. Maurice Kirschbaum, UNRC office, Dr. Saima Khan, Country Director UNAIDS Bangladesh, Ms. Gitanjali Singh, Representative UN Women, Dr. Sabera Sultana, WHO, Dr. Rahat Ara Nur, UNFPA, Dr. Anwarul Amin Akhand, Program Manager, ASP and Dr. Nusrat Momen, ASP.

Mr. Shale Ahmed the Executive Director of Bandhu and Dr. Masud Rana, Senior Programme Manager of icddr,b welcomed the UN visitors at the service center. The objective of the visit was to observe HIV intervention and community engagement. Bandhu implements essential sexual and reproductive health and rights activities including HIV intervention, legal support, capacity building and policy advocacy to bring positive change and address social, religious, cultural, and legal impediments to the protection of human rights. Bandhu specifically works to support sexual and gender diverse people who often face serious difficulties in accessing citizen services. With the support from Global Funds Bandhu Social Welfare Society (Bandhu) implementing HIV and AIDS prevention programme in 18 districts in 4 divisions of Bangladesh. This programme is funded by The Global Fund, managed by icddr,b and over all guidance provided by AIDS/STD Programme (ASP), DGHS, MoHFW.

Through Narayanganj Service Centre, Bandhu is implementing an integrated HIV prevention programme with Government health facility. The integration is a pilot-based activity to ensure the sustainability of health facilities for Gender Diverse Population and mainstreaming them. Bandhu shared its overall activities, roles and responsibilities carried out form Narayanganj Service center as a part of integration modality. Also, shared the integration challenges and mitigation steps taken by Bandhu. The UN team discussed with the community members to know and understand better about services form Narayanganj Service Centre and Government health facility, challenges they face and express their interest to know about Gender-based Violence (GBV) in different stage of life of the community members.

The community members arranged a cultural event for the UN visitors at the service center. The visitors enjoyed the event and express their gratitude to the community members for their active engagement with the programme and also make sure their continuous support for improving health care service and promotion and protection of Human Rights.