Reading Materials

Reading Material

Knowledge Management is about capturing, creating, distilling, sharing and using know-how. That know-how includes explicit and tacit knowledge. […] It is not about books of wisdom and best practices, it’s more about the communities that keep know-how of a topic alive by sharing what they know, building on it and adapting it to their own use. [] Call it ‘performance through learning’, shared knowledge’, or simply ‘working smarter.”
- Chris Collison and Geoff Parcell

A knowledge management is a key component of any development organization As such, Bandhu values this very concept and believes knowledge sharing, knowledge exchange and Knowledge Management. This knowledge management hub has been designed with both OFFLINE & ONLINE materials including VIDEO documentations.

AIN ALAP Leaflet in Bangla

ARROW Bangladesh CSE brief

ARROW Asia-Regional-Dialogue MTR-APPC-Recommendations 2018

Bandhu Ranga Mon module of Art therapy

Bandhu Psychosocial and Psychosexual Handbook

Bandhu Handbook on Psychosocial & Psychosexual Counseling Manual

Bandhu Training Module on Psycho-Social & Psychosexual Youth Diversity

Bangladesh Demographic and Health Survey-2017-18

Bandhu HIV Literacy Module in Bangla

Bandhu Lawyers Fellowship Award Brochure

COVID-19 Awareness leaflet in Bangla

COVID-19 Awareness leaflet in Rohingya Language